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The EduFocal Teach with Tech Award celebrates teachers’ innovative use of technology to enhance their students’ learning experience. This award recognizes educators who have successfully integrated technology into their classroom or subject matter to engage students, facilitate learning, and improve academic outcomes, even with limited digital infrastructure. This award salutes the resourcefulness of teachers who have managed to create transformative learning experiences that bridge the digital divide with innovative methods such as offline digital resources, mobile technologies, WhatsApp Q&A, and more.

Teachers are required to apply for this award

Through this award, EduFocal seeks to inspire educators to explore and incorporate new technologies in the classroom to prepare students for success in the digital age, empowering teachers to innovate and inspire the next generation of learners.

  • Application link live – now.
Ongoing promotion
  • May 3rd – application closes
  • May 4th – Instructions for pitch competition shared.
  • May 11th – Day of logistics
  • 1st prize – 500K and Learning Device
  • 2nd prize – 250K
  • 3rd prize – 100K
  • Must be teaching for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Must possess a teaching certificate (be prepared to show this at the event).
  • Must be employed at a government-approved school

Registration Closed

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