Creatives Challenge

Empowering Emerging Creatives: This challenge invites participants to explore the boundless potential at the intersection of art, technology, and innovative storytelling.

Creators will push the limits of creative expression, harnessing the power of cutting-edge tools to craft visionary works.


The Creatives Challenge invites participants on an exciting journey at the intersection of art, technology, and innovative storytelling. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies like generative AI, augmented reality, and blockchain, this event provides a dynamic platform for creators to showcase their ingenuity and visionary expressions.

Creatives Challenge Highlights

Creatives Challenge

This challenge invites participants to explore the boundless potential at the intersection of art, technology, and innovative storytelling.

Art & Creative Exhibition

Creators will push the limits of creative expression, harnessing the power of cutting-edge tools to craft visionary works.

Chess Tournament with Tunde Onakoya

Experience the thrill of simultaneous chess exhibitions led by renowned chess master Tunde Onakoya and chess prodigee of Chess in Slums Africa.

What is Innovative Storytelling?

Innovative storytelling encompasses the use of unconventional narrative techniques, immersive experiences, and interactive mediums to engage and captivate audiences in new and exciting ways. It challenges traditional storytelling norms and pushes the boundaries of creativity, inviting participants to think beyond the confines of traditional storytelling formats and explore the limitless possibilities that technology offers in the realm of narrative.

Redefining Creative

Through this challenge, we aim to redefine the landscape of creative expression in the digital landscape.

Participants will unlock uncommon possibilities for storytelling and exploration at the intersection of art and technology.

Embracing the Boundless

Under the theme “Empowering Emerging Creatives,” participants will harness the power of cutting-edge technologies, to craft captivating and original expressions of creativity.

From visual art to graphic design, digital art to animation, illustration to poetry, music to content creation, and fashion – this challenge invites creatives to delve into the limitless potential of their imagination.

Reimagining the Future of Creative Industries


By embracing the fusion of art, technology, and , participants will push innovative storytelling, the limits of creative expression. They will pioneer new pathways, challenging conventions and forging innovative solutions in the digital landscape.

Unlocking Limitless Potential

This theme serves as a catalyst for participants to explore uncharted creative territories. They will harness cutting-edge tools to craft captivating, imaginative works that redefine the future of creative industries.


Participants will be empowered to reimagine the creative process, blending art, technology, and blockchain in unprecedented ways.


By embracing the synergy between art, technology, and innovative storytelling will cultivate a collaborative ecosystem where ideas, creativity, and innovation converge, propelling the creative industries forward.

Innovative Storytelling Sample

Kevin Carter, a photographer, captured a haunting image of a young girl in Sudan who was on the brink of starvation during a famine. The photograph, which won the Pulitzer Prize, brought global attention to the dire humanitarian crisis in Sudan.

This image not only showcased the power of photography to tell compelling stories but also sparked conversations and actions to address hunger and poverty.

Visual Artists

  • Scenario: A young visual artist creates a series of powerful paintings depicting the effects of climate change on various communities around the world. One painting shows a coastal village being submerged because of rising sea levels, while another shows a once-thriving farmland now barren because of drought.

Impact: These paintings are exhibited in galleries and shared widely on social media, raising awareness about the urgency of addressing climate change and inspiring people to take action.


Scenario: An animator develops a short animated film that tells the story of a young refugee escaping war and seeking a new life in a foreign land. The film uses vibrant animations to depict the refugee’s journey, struggles, and resilience.

Impact: The animation is showcased at film festivals and online platforms, educating viewers about the refugee crisis and promoting empathy and support for displaced individuals.

Video Editors

Scenario: A video editor collaborates with a non-profit organization to create a documentary highlighting the impact of plastic pollution on marine life. The documentary features interviews, footage of polluted beaches, and the efforts of volunteers cleaning up the oceans.

Impact: The documentary is released on streaming platforms and shown in environmental awareness events, mobilizing communities to reduce plastic waste and protect marine ecosystems.



An illustrator produces a graphic novel about a young activist fighting against child labor in their community. The novel uses engaging illustrations to tell the story of the protagonist's efforts to raise awareness and bring about change.


The graphic novel is published and used as an educational tool in schools, inspiring students to advocate for children's rights and social justice.

Fashion Designers


A fashion designer launches a sustainable clothing line made from recycled materials. The collection is showcased through a runway show that highlights the environmental benefits of sustainable fashion and the impact of fast fashion on the planet.


The fashion show garners media attention and influences consumers to make more sustainable fashion choices, reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices in the industry.

Poetic Artists


A poet writes and performs a powerful spoken word piece about the struggles of living in poverty. The poem captures the emotions and experiences of those affected and calls for societal change and support for vulnerable communities.


The performance goes viral on social media and is featured at community events, sparking conversations about poverty and inspiring action to support those in need.



A young musician writes and performs a song that addresses the issue of gender equality. The lyrics tell the story of a girl who overcomes societal expectations and discrimination to pursue her dreams and make a difference in her community. The song highlights the struggles and triumphs of women fighting for their rights and equality.


Impact: The song becomes an anthem for gender equality, gaining traction on music streaming platforms and social media. It is performed at various events, including school assemblies, community gatherings, and rallies for women's rights.



A dancer choreographs a contemporary dance piece that portrays the journey of overcoming bullying and finding self-acceptance. The performance uses expressive movements to convey the emotional turmoil and eventual empowerment of the protagonist.


The dance is performed at schools and community centers, encouraging teens to stand up against bullying and promoting self-confidence and resilience.


Written Narratives

Storytellers can craft captivating written narratives that shed light on pressing social issues and amplify the voices of marginalized communities.

Oral Traditions

Through the power of oral storytelling, storytellers can transport audiences, fostering empathy and a deeper understanding of complex societal challenges.

Unleash your Talent

✨Join us for an exciting journey like no other, where your imagination knows no bounds and your ideas have the power to change the world.

✨ From April 26th to May 30th, 2024, the African Teen Tech Festival (ATTF) invites you to unleash your creative genius and take part in the Creatives Challenge.

✨This isn’t just another challenge; it’s your chance to showcase your unique talents, push the boundaries of artistic expression and innovative storytelling, and drive positive change in society.

Challenge Prompt

Inspired by the Innovators’ Journey, participants will craft multimedia narratives that celebrate innovation and confront critical societal issues head-on.

Whether you’re a visual artist, graphic designer, musician, poet, or storyteller, the Creatives Challenge welcomes you to share your vision for a brighter future.

Innovators Journey Storyline

In the vibrant streets of Lagos, a diverse group of young innovators embarks on an inspiring journey to shape the future of their community. Faced with challenges and obstacles, they refuse to be deterred, driven by their passion for change and their belief in the power of creativity. Together, they harness their collective talents and skills to tackle pressing societal challenges.

As they navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, they discover the transformative potential of technology and collaboration.
Through their innovative solutions and bold initiatives, they inspire others to join them in their mission to build a better future.

Their story becomes a rallying cry for young people everywhere, urging them to embrace their creativity, follow their dreams, and make a difference in the world.


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