Guests Arrival & Accreditation

Anthem & opening Prayer

Presentation on the Ministry of Eduction, Science & Tech (LSRIC).

Keynote Speech 1 

Panel 1- Digital Transformation in Education

Hackathon begins

Panel/Fireside Chat 3

Panel 2: Choosing and Navigating your Career and Employment.

Drone Soccer & eSports Exhibitions

Game-A-thon showcase/ School Innovation Challenge Showcase

Breakout Session Learning and Employability

Tech Breakout: Navigating the Tech Landscape”- Entering Tech

Vocational & Entrepreneurship Breakout: Future-Proofing Talents: Reason to learn a Vocational Skills, start to earn money and get

Creative Breakout: Exploring Alternative Creative Tech Career Pathways Places to learn AI, graphics design, animations.

Finance & Gig Economy Breakout:

IET Presentation

FireSide Chat- Student View- Technology, Teaching Methods, the future of Work.

Pave Presentations

Hackathon Pitch & Review by Judges and Award presentation

Vote of Thanks