The Africa Teen
Tech Festival

The ATTF is a transformative event that blends education, technology, creativity, and innovation to empower teenagers. With a focus on shaping tomorrow’s workforce, the festival explores teen careers, communication patterns, and the evolving digital landscape. Through interactive workshops, inspiring talks, and networking opportunities, ATTF equips participants with valuable skills and insights for future success. Join us at ATTF 2024 under the theme “Future Skills Forum: Equipping Teens for Future Workforce and Entrepreneurship” to unlock your potential as a future leader and innovator.

Why you should attend ATTF

Our mission at ATTF is to empower and inspire the next generation of African leaders by equipping them with the skills
and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital era.

Gain insights into emerging technologies and trends shaping the future workforce and entrepreneurship landscape, preparing teenagers for success in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Participate in hackathons, challenges, and exhibitions showcasing innovative solutions and projects developed by teenagers, educators, schools, and industry professionals, highlighting the power of technology and creativity to drive positive change.

Engage with inspiring talks, workshops, and sessions focused on empowering teenagers with digital literacy, critical thinking skills, and leadership capabilities, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among young minds.

Connect with industry professionals, educators, policymakers, and thought leaders in the fields of technology, education, and entrepreneurship, expanding your network and gaining valuable insights and mentorship opportunities.

Learn about initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and beyond, championing equal opportunities for all teenagers to pursue careers in STEM and creative fields.

Participate in interactive workshops, demos, and activities covering a wide range of topics, from coding and robotics to design and digital arts, providing hands-on learning experiences and sparking creativity and curiosity.

Be inspired by success stories, achievements, and innovations shared by teenagers and industry leaders, motivating you to pursue your passions, overcome challenges, and make a positive impact in your community.

Join discussions and conversations about the digital transformation of education, exploring new approaches, technologies, and strategies to enhance teaching and learning outcomes and prepare students for future careers.

Participate in breakout sessions, panel discussions, and debates on pressing issues and trends shaping the future of learning, technology, and entrepreneurship, fostering critical thinking and dialogue among stakeholders.

Join a vibrant community of teenagers, educators, parents, industry professionals, and organizations committed to driving positive change through technology, creativity, and innovation, building lasting connections and partnerships to create a brighter future for all.

Core Features of the
Teen Tech Festival


Hackathon Challenge

A competitive event where participants collaborate to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems using technology. This challenge fosters creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills among teenagers.


Teach with Tech Challenge

An initiative focused on empowering educators to integrate technology into teaching practices effectively. This challenge highlights innovative approaches to teaching and learning, promoting digital literacy and 21st-century skills development in education.

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School Innovation Challenge

A platform for schools to showcase their innovative projects, programs, and initiatives that leverage technology to enhance learning outcomes and student engagement. This challenge encourages schools to embrace digital transformation and foster a culture of innovation in education.


VR, eSports, and Drone Soccer Exhibitions

Exciting exhibitions featuring cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality (VR), eSports, and drone soccer. These exhibitions provide hands-on experiences and opportunities for teenagers to explore emerging technologies and trends in sports and entertainment.

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