Challenge Overview

In Nigeria, the gap between citizens and their government is often widened by a lack of transparency, insufficient information, and the absence of accessible platforms for meaningful dialogue. This Hackathon invites you to develop innovative solutions that bridge this gap, enhancing citizen participation in governance and promoting transparency and accountability in government actions and decisions.

Grass-root Problems Addressed:

Limited Transparency: A significant barrier to effective governance is the lack of transparency in government operations, which erodes public trust and hinders accountability.

Insufficient Information: Citizens often lack access to crucial information about government policies, plans, and decisions, limiting their ability to engage in informed public discourse.

Inaccessible Platforms for Dialogue: The absence of accessible and user-friendly platforms for communication between citizens and government officials stifles public participation in governance processes.

Proposed Solutions:

Digital Platform for Transparency and Information Sharing: Create a comprehensive digital platform that serves as a central repository for government documents, policies, and decisions, making them easily accessible to the public.

Interactive Dialogue and Feedback Mechanism: Integrate interactive features into the platform, such as forums, polls, and Q&A sessions, enabling direct communication between citizens and government officials and fostering a culture of open dialogue.

Real-time Public Feedback on Government Actions: Develop a system for citizens to provide real-time feedback on government actions and decisions, encouraging accountability and responsiveness from officials.

Impact on Governance and Civic Engagement:

By addressing these grass-root problems, your solution has the potential to significantly enhance citizen participation in governance, build public trust, and promote a more transparent, accountable, and responsive government. This, in turn, can lead to more effective and equitable governance that truly reflects the will and needs of the people.

Expected Experience

Participants should be prepared to tackle the complex challenges of civic engagement and governance, employing innovative technology solutions to create platforms that empower citizens and promote a more transparent and accountable government.

Expected Deliverables

A Demo Prototype: A working model of your solution that demonstrates how it facilitates transparency, information sharing, and interactive dialogue between citizens and government.

Comprehensive Documentation: Detailed documentation outlining the development process, the technological and social challenges addressed, and the strategies for ensuring the platform’s effectiveness and sustainability.

A Crisp Presentation: An engaging presentation that clearly articulates the need for enhanced citizen participation in governance, the functionality of your solution, and its potential impact on fostering a more democratic and participatory governance process.

What to Do Next

Register: Sign up on the ATTF website to take part in this transformative challenge.

Community Engagement: Connect with potential team members and mentors through the ATTF community to share ideas and resources.

Innovate: Start developing your solution, focusing on creating a platform that addresses the identified grass-root problems and meets the needs of both citizens and government officials.

Collaborate: Utilize the resources, workshops, and support available through ATTF to refine your project and prepare for a successful presentation.

Registration Closed

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