Challenge Overview

The African art and creative sectors are bursting with talent that often remains unrecognized on the global stage due to limited exposure, resources, and support. This Hackathon invites you to develop a platform or initiative that not only showcases African art and creativity worldwide but also addresses the systemic barriers artists face, including market access, funding, and logistical challenges.

Background & Rationale

Despite the richness of African culture and creativity, artists and creatives encounter significant hurdles in gaining international recognition and monetizing their work. A solution that bridges these gaps can transform the creative landscape, empowering artists and contributing significantly to the Nigerian and African economies.

Inspiration, Innovation, Transformation:

Envision a future where African artists are celebrated globally, their work easily accessible to international audiences, and their creativity contributing to sustainable economic growth. Your solution should be a beacon of innovation, offering artists the tools and platform they need to thrive in the global creative economy.

Grass-root Problems Addressed:

Limited International Recognition and Market Access: Many African artists lack the exposure and platforms needed to showcase their work to a global audience, hindering their ability to gain recognition and monetize their creativity.

Limited Resources and Funding: Access to resources, including materials, training, and financial support, is scarce, especially for artists outside major art markets, limiting their potential for growth and development.

Infrastructure and Logistics Challenges: The absence of supportive infrastructure and efficient logistics for art distribution and exhibition further isolates African artists from the global art scene.

Hackathon Experience & Preparation

Be prepared to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of African art and creativity, employing technology to solve real-world problems faced by artists and creatives. 

Your innovative solutions can pave the way for a new era of global recognition and economic prosperity for African talent.

Proposed Solution

Digital Platform for Global Showcase: Develop a digital platform that provides African artists with the exposure needed to reach international audiences, facilitating direct transactions and engagements.

Talent Export and Gig Economy Integration: Leverage national talent export programs and the global gig economy to create opportunities for Nigerian artists and creatives, enabling them to showcase their talents worldwide and secure freelance opportunities.

Resources on Branding, Marketing, and Copyright Protection: Offer comprehensive resources and training on the platform to help artists effectively brand, market, and protect their work, enhancing their professional capabilities and market competitiveness.

Impact on the Nigerian Economy:

Promoting African art and creativity globally can significantly contribute to the Nigerian economy by showcasing cultural heritage, creating jobs, and generating income through the creative economy. The talent export and participation in the gig economy can further enhance foreign exchange earnings and job creation.

Technical Requirement:

  • Create a comprehensive digital platform that showcases African art and creative works, facilitating direct engagement between artists and global audiences.
  • Integrate resources for artists on branding, marketing, and copyright protection to enhance their professional development.
  • Develop mechanisms for talent export and participation in the gig economy, enabling artists to find international opportunities and collaborations.
  • Ensure the platform is accessible, user-friendly, and capable of handling transactions and showcasing diverse forms of art.

Expected Deliverables

A Demo Prototype: A functional prototype of the platform, demonstrating how it showcases African creativity and facilitates artist-audience engagement.

Comprehensive Documentation: Detailed account of the platform’s development, challenges addressed, solutions implemented, and future scalability plans.

A Crisp Presentation: An engaging presentation that highlights the platform’s impact on promoting African art and creativity, its potential economic benefits, and how it addresses the challenges faced by artists.

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