Challenge Overview

Rural areas in Nigeria face high maternal mortality rates due to limited access to healthcare facilities, skilled birth attendants, and prenatal care. In many rural areas of Nigeria, expectant mothers face daunting challenges in accessing essential maternal and child healthcare services. This Hackathon invites you to develop scalable, cost-effective digital health solutions that significantly improve access to and the quality of healthcare for pregnant women and children in these underserved communities.

Background & Rationale

Meet Amina, a 28-year-old pregnant woman living in a remote village in Kano State, Nigeria. Like many women in her community, she faces numerous challenges in accessing quality maternal healthcare services. The nearest healthcare facility is several kilometers away, and the journey is difficult, especially for a woman in labor. 

Skilled birth attendants are scarce in her village, and prenatal care is virtually non-existent. 

Your challenge is to bridge this gap, leveraging technology to ensure every mother and child has the right to health.

Inspiration, Innovation, Transformation:

Envision a future where geography and socio-economic status no longer dictate the quality of maternal and child healthcare. Your innovative solutions should empower communities, transform healthcare delivery models, and ensure that maternal and child health is a universal right, not a privilege.

Technical Requirement:

Design a digital health platform that operates effectively in low-infrastructure environments, offering interactive, real-time healthcare services.

Integrate capabilities for health monitoring, telemedicine consultations, and community health worker support.

Ensure your solution is accessible on a wide range of devices, prioritizing simplicity and user-friendliness for non-tech-savvy users.

Expected Deliverables

  • A Demo Prototype: A functional prototype demonstrating your solution’s capabilities, especially in offline or low-connectivity settings.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: A detailed account of your ideation, design process, technological challenges, and strategies for scalability and impact.
  • A Crisp Presentation: A compelling presentation that highlights the need for your solution, its functionality, and its potential to transform maternal and child health in underserved areas.

Expected Experience:

Be ready to dive deep into the intersection of healthcare and technology, developing solutions that are both innovative and practical. Your work has the potential to save lives and shape the future of healthcare in Africa.

What to Do Next

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  • Leverage Resources: Enhance your project with insights from related conferences, expert advice, and the supportive ATTF community.

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