ATTF Partners with TEKART

 ATTF Partners with TEKART

TekArt, a significant gathering celebrating the fusion of technology and art in Africa, has joined forces with the African Teen Tech Fest (ATTF) to improve the  lives of young Africans. This collaboration aims to combine creativity and technology, empowering young Africans across the continent. Held annually in Lagos, Nigeria, TekArt brings together tech enthusiasts, creatives, artists, and visionaries from diverse backgrounds. This convergence of talent from tech, art, entertainment, and fashion perfectly aligns with ATTF’s mission of equipping young minds with essential tech skills.

Here’s what they’re bringing to the table:

By merging TekArt’s diverse community with ATTF’s tech-focused initiatives, they’re forging connections between different industries, sparking innovative projects and pushing boundaries.

The combination of tech and art demands unique problem-solving abilities. Through this partnership, young individuals have the opportunity to develop these skills, fostering creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

With both TekArt and ATTF boasting large communities, their collaboration creates platforms for young people to connect with seasoned professionals in tech and art. This mentorship can provide invaluable guidance as they embark on their career journeys.

Africa is rich with talent and creativity, and this partnership offers young African artists and tech enthusiasts a platform to showcase their skills. Their contributions will be recognized and celebrated, opening doors to new opportunities.

Together, TekArt and ATTF are providing young Africans with the chance to explore the dynamic intersection of creativity and technology. This combination prepares them to lead, innovate, and tackle challenges in an ever-evolving world.